White’s Smoke Jumper and Farmer-Rancher Boots


Best work boots

If you are after a pair of work boots that are domestically made, are completely rebuild-able, and last forever, White’s are amazing. White’s Smoke Jumper has been the boot of choice for wildland firefighters for generations. The same boot, with a lower top and different sole is sold as the Farmer-Rancher. They make and sell shoes, hiking boots, and winter pacs, in addition to their variety of handmade work boots. White’s also sells other high quality boots from different manufacturers on their website, through distributors around the West, and in their Spokane store.

I have a pair of Smoke Jumpers and a pair of steel-toe Farmer-Ranchers. I had a pair of Packers, but the arch was too high for me. The literature that comes with the boots says it can take 80 hours of wear to break them in. That’s a bit more than my experience, but once broken in they are incredibly comfortable. They are heavy, but if you spend a lot of time on your feet, need reliable foot protection, and especially if you have difficult to fit feet, these are incredible.

These are not a fashion statement, unless you encounter someone who recognizes them.

-- Ed Delaney 09/19/13

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