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Wild World Map

Best Ecoregions Map of the World

The most biological portrait of our planet yet. Life on earth clusters into ecological tribes, and each tribe inhabits a particular kind of place, or biome. Thus each of 86 categories of biomes, or bioregions, are mapped here in representational and related colors. This is the anatomy of our biosphere.

This map provides greater detail than the now-out-of-print CQ World Bioregions, or the UN Biome maps previously recommended. The disadvantage of this chart is that most of the pertinent text explaining each of the hundreds of biomes resides on a website and not the map itself. The advantage is the up-to-date, finely resolved understanding of which ecological systems live where.

— KK
Wild World Map
National Geographic

(This is a nifty support page for the map, but you can’t order this map online; only by phone.)


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