Will Walker, Lead Designer at Google

Show and Tell #389: Will Walker

Will Walker is a lead human interface designer at Google, working on wearables, digital assistants, generative AI and conversational controls. His design career has spanned across interfaces for hybrid digital maps, 3d printers and volumetric scanners to leading the design of exotic running shoes. He paints, hikes, plants and rennovates a victorian with his daughter, partner and shiba in San Francisco and sunny Oakland CA. You can find him on Instagram @wr_walker and on Twitter @walkerwill.

0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Supercritical dryer for making aerogels
13:40 – Paint shaver pro for historic plaster restoration
23:18 – Abacus for finite element analysis for design of structural gels or foams
32:49 – Form 3 resin printer for biohacking or making ceramic slip cast molds

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