Wilton Tradesman Vise


Heavy-duty vise will last decades

I’ve been using this Wilton Vise for five years. It does what vises have always done: hold a workpiece during hand operations, such as filing, hammering, or sawing. This vise does those things flawlessly, which is why it is such a must-have tool on your workbench. It is a one-trick pony that does the trick every time, perfectly. It’s my extra set of super strong hands in the workshop. This vise is a lot of money. It’s one of those times when you get what you pay for. Likely, if you live a long life, this tool will be bolted to your bench, in use, for decades. It is an investment. To that end, it is a good investment. I recommend, however, that you tell your next of kin what you paid for this beast so that it doesn’t end up sold at your estate auction for $10. You’ll roll in your grave if that happens, buddy, and there won’t be a vise powerful enough inside your pine box to hold you in place.

-- Marty Weil 03/1/18