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Wink’s Remarkable Book Picks of the Week


Our favorite paper books

Wink is Cool Tools’ website that reviews one remarkable paper book every weekday. We take photos of the covers and the interior pages of the books to show you why we love them.

This week we reviewed:

Codex Seraphinianus — the weirdest book you’ve ever seen

The Oldest Living Things in the World — a captivating look at ancient organisms along with a personal memoir of science and adventure

Strange Maps — q collection of fun and peculiar maps that you won’t find in an ordinary atlas

Art Forms from the Ocean — exquisite drawings of single-celled plankton

How to be a Genius — fun exercises to boost your brainpower

X’ed Out and The Hive — a thrilling continuous nightmare by comix master Charles Burns

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-- Mark Frauenfelder 05/24/14