Winter Gear Closeouts/Getting Paid to Relocate/Cheap Flight Deals

Nomadico issue #96

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Winter Clothing Closeouts

We’re not to spring yet, but in retail land they’re over winter and have moved on. If you can plan ahead, this is a terrific time of year to buy a jacket, gloves, base layers, or anything else for next year’s winter trips. You’ll routinely find deep discounts of 40% or more as stores try to clear out what didn’t sell. You can search the virtual sale rack at Amazon to get prime shipping, but you might find it easier to navigate the sales at or your local physical outdoor store.

Get Paid to Move to Indiana

A while back we mentioned the successful program that Tulsa, Oklahoma has been running to get people to move there, but it turns out that many smaller communities would like to attract remote workers as well. Like Richmond, Indiana. Their tempting offer includes $5K of cash, country club membership, a co-working membership, and your choice of annual packages for fitness, the arts, or sports tickets. Turns out that they’re just one of many in Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, and more on

Finding Cheap Flights This Summer

Christopher Elliott quoted me in an article with lots of good advice on finding flight bargains and it was syndicated to many newspaper sites. Much of the experts’ advice can be summed up with “be flexible” and “use Google Flight’s “Explore’ function,” but get the details in this Seattle Times version.

Did You Hear the One About the Two Sleeping Pilots…?

Boeing has been in the spotlight recently for a string of mechanical failures, but they’re not to blame for this one. On a flight by Indonesia’s Batik Air, both the pilot and co-pilot were asleep for 28 minutes and didn’t respond to inquiries from the control tower until one of them woke up from his power nap. See the story here.


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