Wonder Mill


Fresh flour with no mess in seconds

A lot of us know there’s nothing like a fresh picked tomato or a freshly dug potato. For me, right up there with those heavenly items is freshly ground flour. There are a lot of mills out there, many hand cranking. I have used a few of them over the years and they work well enough, though many can get kind of messy with the dust. But the Wonder Mill ($240) is a Ferrari compared to the others I have seen. It’s not cheap but it’s powerful, works like a dream, and has a nice design that shoots the flour into a sealed container via a connecting tube.

Fresh flour with no mess in seconds. And it will grind cracked grain too. My current favorite is this organic 9-grain cereal my local food store sells. I turn it into flour and make waffles covered in syrup made from the huckleberries that grow all over our yard. And, for those who covet real southern biscuits which get so fluffy from the southern soft wheat flour, though I can’t find the flour out west, I can find the wheat berries. With 3 settings for pastry, bread and coarse, the Wonder Mill will grind any grain or beans as long as they don’t gum the thing up.

-- John Coate 07/8/19

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