Woolzies- Wool Dryer Balls


Natural fabric softener

Woolzies are felt wool drier balls the size of a tennis ball. I have been using them for several months – after purchasing them on Amazon, and trying for the first time, I just keep them in the drier all the time now.

They save quite a bit of energy as the drying time is reduced by 30-40% or so [See note below – Mark]. Woolzies also work better than plastic drier balls: I have noticed a marked difference in the quality and softness of the dried garments.

This product is efficient and environmentally friendly through and through: they’re made of pure wool so no plastic or other chemicals are used to make them. They drastically reduce the time required to dry clothing, they are gentler on the dried fabric, which also comes out softer and almost wrinkle-free.

-- Denis Zaff 02/5/14

(We use these at home, too. A couple of drops of essential oil (lavender, for instance) make the clothes smell good. A note about drying time from Cool Tools reader Morten Nisker Toppenberg: "I think the science behind the claim to drasticly reduce drying time is somewhat sketchy. "I'm unable to find the any information from the company or other companies making dryerballs on how they come to this result. However a couple of private test pop up: Do dryer balls reduce drying time? | Do Wool Dryer Balls Cut Down on Drying Time? "They seem to suggest that there is little or no effect and describe their method of testing allowing you to replicate the test." - Mark Frauenfelder — editors)

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