Make hierarchal to-do lists

Workflowy, in its most basic form, is an online outliner. It creates bulleted lists so it’s a super-fast way of laying out ideas in a useable fashion (project planning, article outlines, research projects, etc.)

The app is available in your browser, has iOS and Android apps and a Chrome extension.

I’ve used Workflowy now for a couple of years. It has made project planning simple, made it easy to manage (and think creatively about) about 25 consulting projects and all of their online marketing strategies. I’ve used it to keep a permanent packing list for our annual car-camping trip with friends (including what games their kids like), for planning the online courses I teach, for “scripting” my podcasts, for taking notes from conference presentations and even for planning new services for our clients.

The free version is complete and would work for most people. I’ve upgraded to the paid version because I needed to be able to create more than 500 items/month.

Workflowy is one of only a few apps that I keep open all the time and than I have used daily for more than 18 months. I don’t know how to be successful without it!

-- Travis Allison 09/30/15

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