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World Map Wallpaper

The largest map of the world

The world’s most educational wallpaper. Also the largest map of the world commercially available — 9 feet by 13 feet. It is impressive. Standing in front of it, your gut senses a large blue ocean world. It is pretty crude cartography, however; large cities only are depicted and some countries are out of date. Be forewarned you need a quite large blank wall to contain it (you need to trim 8 inches off the top just to squeeze it onto the standard residential wall), although I’ve seen folks wrap it around corners, dormers and windows. Think of it as beautiful wall paper, which it is. Works well in an office — particularly since you can write on the plasticized map with dry erase markers. Doodle in your travels. It could also be used on a floor. It comes in 8 pieces, each 3×4 feet, applied with wallpaper paste (included). That modularity gives you another bonus. You can arrange the pieces so that they center the world on your choice: the Americas, Europe and Africa, or Asia. I like it because it gives me an overwhelming sense of the scale of our planet.

— KK

Write On Map Mural
Item #66554
Available from Hammacher Schlemmer


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