World Time Clock


Van Der Waals Dodecagonal Clock

Wonder if you got this: It’s the World Time Clock from designer Charlotte Van Der Waals. Think it’s an incredibly clever piece. I appreciate a lot the ability of seeing “upside down” things and problems :)

-- hexholden 04/10/06

(There are a few variations of the World Time Clock design. You can find two pictured together at Ameico (there is also a Disc-Shaped Travel Edition). Each can be turned to one of 12 positions to indicate the time in selected global regions. I love the concept because I consider a regular 12-sided polygon (a dodecagon) to be the most aesthetically pleasing shape in nature. Maybe it's no accident that there are 12 hours in a day and 12 months in a year -- also 12 pennies in an old English shilling, before the metric system came along and condemned us to the rule of 10, merely because we happen to have 5 digits on each hand. -- CP — editors)