Screwpull Lever

World's easiest wine bottle opener

[This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 10/8/2003 – MF]

If you’re into wine, you need a Screwpull Lever Model Classic. The original Screwpull with the teflon screw made pulling corks the traditional way a lot easier. But it’s still work using the two different pieces, driving the screw into the cork, turning the cork out of the bottle, then turning the cork off the screw. The Lever model has makes pulling corks a literally four second operation: clamp it around the neck of the bottle, pull the lever down, pushing the screw into the bottle, pull the lever back up, pulling the cork out of the bottle, open the clamp slightly to remove the bottle, then close the clamp again push the lever back again, removing the cork from the screw. There are cheaper models than this one — Rabbit comes to mind — which may be good, and even really cheap models which are distinctly inferior, but at around a $100 this one is still a bargain for how simple it makes getting between your intention to have a glass a wine and actually sipping it.

-- Louis Rossetto 08/9/03

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