Worx Mini Wood/Metal-Cutting Circular Saw


Compact circular saw

I’ve used large circular saws in the past and always found them hard to use. They were heavy and I felt I wasn’t in control.

But I can hold this mini circular saw with one hand and feel very comfortable using it. The motor is very strong for its size, I’ve used it to cut through acrylic and 1″ plywood easily with a sharp blade.

What I like most about it is the base plate which is very small. It doesn’t get in the way all the time, unlike my previous experiences with ones that required me to move clamps around often.

It also has a laser guide, although I haven’t found it to be useful because I work outdoors, and it’s not bright enough.

The saw came with 3 blades, one for wood, the second for thin metal, and a diamond blade for cutting tile.

I’ve also been able to cut thick steel with abrasive wheels meant for angle grinders, although the instructions recommend against this. I’ve been using this saw for the past year and like it.

As long as you don’t have to cut through thick lumber often (its depth of cut is 1-3/4″), or if you’re left-handed, I highly recommend it.

-- Yonatan24 08/23/21

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