Highly natural pet foods

After reading an article on the pet food industry by the Animal Protection Institute, I switched to Wysong brand dog food. I learned what is really in pet food – slaughterhouse waste such as bones, blood, intestines, lungs, ligaments, and almost all the other parts not generally consumed by humans; plus dozens of additives including toxic and potentially cancer-causing preservatives BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin. Wysong offers an alternative to the myriad processed brands, the majority of which are manufactured by a very few multinational food conglomerates whose main business is not pet food.

The Wysong line of pet foods was started by veterinarian Randy Wysong, a long-time critic of the pet food industry. Wysong foods are specifically designed to optimize health, not simply meet regulatory standards. Their ingredients are made from fresh meats and non-processed living foods. They are additive free and use only natural preservation. A diet of Wysong pet food is only part of the philosophy of Wysong’s Optimal Health Program. According to the program, a diet of hunted, raw prey is the healthy ideal for carnivores. At the unhealthy end of the diet spectrum would be generic foods alone. And in between these extremes are various combinations of Wysong foods, supplements, nutritional supports, and raw and cooked foods.

I’ve tried many brands of generic, premium, and high end “healthy” pet foods over the years. Wysong is simply the best. Whether or not you subscribe to Wysong’s philosophy or follow its optimal health pyramid, its maintenance diets (just the dry food alone without the supplements, supports, raw & cooked foods) have made a discernible difference in our dogs’ health. There is a noticeable improvement in coat health – their coats are much smoother and shinier whereas before Wysong they were more coarse and dull. However, the most significant difference has been with our dog, Maroon. For six years, he suffered from an undiagnosed gastric upset that caused him to vomit several times per week. Since switching to Wysong Senior almost 1 year ago, his vomiting has stopped completely.

Wysong can be purchased at most stores selling pet food products and online from Wysong. A 40 lb box of food costs $40 at my local pet store.

-- Michele McGinnis 09/17/04