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Gmail efficiency-booster

For Firefox users, Xoopit adds a lot of functionality to Gmail, including better searching, organizing of all your attachments, disambiguation of emails etc. I have been using it for a while. Makes Gmail the thing I always wanted it to be…

— Alexander Rose

I recently installed Xoopit and couldn’t be more jazzed. Working between multiple computers and offices, I live mostly in the cloud these days. Aside from sending the Cool Tools newsletter via Thunderbird, much of what I do for this blog is via webmail. Searching Gmail, ironically, isn’t terribly efficient. This plug-in not only lets you call up photos, videos and files independently, but let’s you search logically — with thumbnails even! — and then re-organize by date, size, sender, subject and file type and name. Each week you get an email summarizing the files, photos and videos you received that week, along with a randomly-selected image from a year ago. An elegant reminder that all my bits belong to me.

— Steven Leckart




(Xoopit was purchased by Yahoo! and is no longer available to Gmail users. --es — editors)