Yamuna Body Rolling Footsavers

Podiatric stretching

I was turned onto the aptly-named Yamuna Body Rolling Footsavers about five years ago and haven’t looked back. Like a hard racquetball that has been sliced in half, the Footsavers are designed to help realign the bones, muscles and tendons in your feet. You stand on them and work your feet, positioning each foot down the inside line, outside line and mid-line.

It’s a simple routine that’s explained on the instructional DVD it comes with. If you have any foot discomfort, the kind you get from imperfect shoes or simply being on your feel all day, these really can make a difference. At first, it will be painful. You will likely have to not put all your weight onto the Savers, and probably need to do it next to a wall for balance. But the moment you step off the saver, your feet enter a whole new world. I always take these when I travel, as they are quite small.

They have saved me after days of walking all around Manhattan and after ultimate frisbee and any bike ride. I find they’re also great after or before any normal day as well. What I appreciate about Footsaving is that you can do it while you drink your morning coffee or while you watch a little TV. Makes it difficult to use the “too busy” excuse. The routine is quick and the relief to my feet has been monumental. I’m sure there is an acupressure effect of some kind with these, though I don’t know exactly how/why it works. I just know they’ve been well worth the initial discomfort and adjustment.

-- Aaron Pastor 02/4/21

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