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Yeti Sherpa Coolers


Marine-grade ice chests

I have an ice chest fetish: every time I go into an Academy or a Bass Pro Shop, I always have to check out the coolers. I had yet to find a decent chest to keep drinks cold all weekend in the sun until a friend told me about Yeti Coolers (formally Icey-Tek), the heavy-duty coolers that hard-core fishermen use. They are marine grade and because the lid and the walls are about 2″ thick with polyurethane foam insulation, ice can last at least 3 days, all weekend! I was so impressed I bought the 50 qt Sherpa and the Lunchmate, which holds about 18 canned beverages with ice. I have tried many non-powered coolers: Colemans, Igloos, generics, all sizes and shapes. I was most excited about a stainless steel Colemans, but mine fell apart. Unless these get stolen out of my truck, they will be the last coolers I ever own. The only con: expensive. However, you do save money on ice.

— Jim Plank

Yeti Sherpa Cooler
(50 qt.)
Available from Amazon

Manufactured by Yeti Coolers

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