Living on the Road

Yeti SS 20oz Insulated Tumbler


Vacuum insulated tumbler with lid

As far as I can discern I fall into the “daily cupped” category of coffee consumers. I also brew my own in the morning and sup well into noon on most work days.

For years I used a favorite ceramic travel mug, but grew weary of replacing cracked or broken cups. They seemed to last about 2 years on average in my clutches. I grabbed this Yeti Tumbler to try and I have liked it so far. Stainless steel seems to be a bit controversial in regards to food. Some say it alters the taste, some say it doesn’t. I suspect some might be experiencing mild electrolysis from their fillings… who knows? So far I can’t tell the difference.

The main advantage of course is the insulated tumbler keeps my sweet caffeinated elixir hot for hours. On extra cold mornings I prime the tumbler with hot water if I have time. Keeps it warm so I enjoy it at my leisure for a long time. I have the model with a clear plastic top and I enjoy it so far. There is another model with a lid that slides closed, I haven’t tried it myself. I must say I prefer travel mug lids that have no moving parts, they become a chore to keep clean over time. This model holds plenty of molten happiness for my tastes as well. There is a smaller cup sized model that looks pretty boss too.

-- Seth Wilson 04/4/18