YubiKey Two-factor Authentication Device


USB authentication device

The YubiKey USB key — you put it on your keychain and can surf any site (you can use it on multiple sites) that supports it. Instead of having a code sent as a text message or having to run an app where you enter a number to do two-factor authentication for login you just put the YubiKey in. It’s a lot faster. The nice thing is the actual cryptographic key is stored on the YubiKey itself and not with the website, so your login info is always secure. If you lose it you can use an alternate form of authentication, like single use backup codes or the Google Authenticator App. It’s not like Yubikey takes away those other two factor opportunities, it just means that it’s a little easier.

-- Tom Merritt 11/8/21

(This review is an excerpt from our interview with Tom Merritt on the Cool Tools Show Podcast. — editors)

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