Zalman Totally No Noise TNN500AF


Ultimate Fan-Free Computer Case

This case costs a full order of magnitude more than a regular case, but if you can’t live with noisy fans any longer, then be assured that this really lives up to its name: Totally No Noise.

Ten heat pipes and about 50 lbs of carefully machined aluminum draw the heat away from your computer’s delicate parts, so that even a reasonably powerful pc can run cool without any fans at all. This case is about more than just quiet, though; it’s a work of real engineering art (well, nerd art, anyway) with many nice touches that make installation and operation a pleasure. No stamped sheet metal, just carefully rounded machined edges, means no more cutting yourself when working in tight spaces. Clearly labeled built-in wiring for the front panel ports and switches, integrated silent 400W power supply with profuse connectors, super-heavy-duty casters with individual locking and leveling, and more. Besides, this thing looks like a Krell relic (Krell or the Krell, either one.) I love it, and I’m getting another.

-- Carl Shapiro 04/5/06

(For a very extensive review of this item see System Cooling. -- CP — editors)