Best podcast recording tool

Zencastr is the best way to record a podcast (or interview) remotely. For the past two years we’ve recorded our Cool Tools Show podcasts using Zencastr. It’s way better than Skype or phones.

Zencastr is a web-based app that allows 2 or more participants to record a conversation with near studio quality. Each participant’s speech is recorded locally, on their PC, and then automatically uploaded to a Dropbox folder as separate audio files. That means there is no loss of quality over crackly phone lines or stuttering VOIP. While participants may hear low quality voice from distant participants, in reality, Zencastr is only recording what it hears from the participants own nearby microphone. The recording will be as good as the quality of your local mic (use anyone you want), which these days is pretty good.

At the end of the session, the tracks are uploaded in background to a Dropbox folder. Each track can be edited if wanted, and then automatically merged to produce an incredibly crisp conversation that sounds like all participants are sitting in a studio together. In the past year of using it, we’ve had no technical issues. It just works.

It’s super convenient for guests. No one needs to sign up for an account, and there’s nothing to download. You send someone a web link, they add their name, and off you go.

Zencastr is free for minimal use, and has paid levels (which we use) for more frequent use and additional features.

-- KK 08/22/17