Zero Waste Cap


Get the last drop of viscous liquid out of plastic bottles

I backed the Zero Waste Cap Kickstarter project in 2015 and have been using it ever since. It’s simple, elegant, and just works. It comes with two different sized adapters. I have yet to run into a bottle that didn’t fit one of them. I abhor waste. Previously I would place a bottle upside down leaned against a corner, wait for gravity to do its thing, and then unscrew the cap to get the contents. But it was error-prone: the cap would leak, the bottle would fall over as the center of gravity changed, or the contents would come out unpredictably. I have also previously used bottle couplers, but they require that you have a new bottle of the same product and that you have used enough out of the new bottle to make room for the remainder of the old bottle. I much prefer the Zero Waste Cap. After screwing it on, tip the bottle over to allow the contents to run to the bottom. The cap has a flip-top so you can squeeze out the last bit.

-- Dave Cortright 05/5/22

( This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2017 — editors)

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