ZeroWater Water Cooler Bottle & Stand


I wanted to learn to love to drink water. I had never developed a taste for plain water, favoring sugary ...

I wanted to learn to love to drink water. I had never developed a taste for plain water, favoring sugary drinks of coffee. Plain water always seemed more of a chore or an annoyance, rather than something I looked forward to. I was jealous of all of the people enjoying their water bottles!

I had tried using several of the popular brands of water filter pitcher, but found the filters secured by friction suspect. I always expected them to pop out and float away. Also, something about the form factor of pitchers or “bins” kept in the pitcher didn’t work for me: out of sight was out of mind. And when I did remember that they were there? They were never full.

I came across the ZeroWater system. One of the things I like a lot about the filters is that they screw into the base. A real secure connection and no mixing of the filtered and unfiltered water. The filters also come with a little gizmo that tests the number of particles in the water. It’s fun to do a taste test with it, showing people the difference between tap and the filter.

While Zero makes a number of form factors, the one I chose looks like a traditional water cooler bottle: it holds a lot of water, is easy for me to fill, and I think is rather handsome.

The filter needs a base, and the ceramic one does an admirable job. Being ceramic, it keeps the water just a little bit cooler than room temperature (what I think is the perfect drinking temp), all without electricity. You just place the filter on top of it, and fill it up. (Which is a nice way of avoiding having to swing a full water bottle up on to the dispenser.) The base also comes with a wooden stand, which allows you to put a glass on the counter, and fill up without holding on to the glass.

Another thing I like about it: it makes water that generally tastes better to me than bottled. (Although New York has great tap water to start with.) I generally like to bring water with me, and that helps cut down on my creating more plastic and having more fuel burnt moving the water around.

And, it worked: I now drink water. Love to drink it, in fact. It is a handsome thing on kitchen counter which reminds me to drink. It is easy to fill, easy to see when it needs filling, and always a good temperature for me.


-- Mark Krawczuk 03/10/15

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