Zipka LED Headlamp

Hands-free micro headlight

I’ve been using these little micro headlamps for years, and thought I reviewed ’em long ago. But a check of my archives told me I hadn’t mentioned them individually (they are reviewed in Stewart Brand’s roundup of ultralight backpacking gear), so here’s a chorus of recommendations by readers for this tiny, supremely hands-off light. I use them on my bike, or while exploring a camp at night; my daughter uses hers for reading in the car.

— KK

It’s small enough to fit easily in your pocket but bright enough to light up a dark garage. Its self contained headband (retracts into itself like a vacuum cleaner cord) can fasten the headlamp around your head or around your wrist. The LEDs promote long battery life out of the 3 AAA batteries. With a street price around $25 it’s cheap enough to keep one in the car and the toolbox as well as making it a permanent part of your camping gear.

— Mike Ditullio

A small torch to wear on your head, leaving your hands free. Beam is directed by where you are looking, which is great and allows you to fix a puncture or whatever (not so good having conversation around a campfire because you blind each other when you look at each other). Yet get 150 hours in only 70g. Enough light to be seen by, like if you are cycling. And just enough to see by, when walking around and fixing things. These are so useful I think they should be issued at birth!

— Carl Myhill


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