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Zippo Money Clip Pocket Knife


Slim blade & wallet

I’ve used these money clips for 30 years, getting a new one every eight to ten years. This simple tool holds my money and provides an excellent knife that is always available in an unobtrusive way. The footprint is tiny: 3 cm X 5 cm folded,13 cm long when both knife and nail file are open. Most other “pocket” knives are bulky and complex, but this knife has a slim profile (it’s just a knife, file and clip).

The blade is easily sharpened with any kind of small stone or diamond-imbedded file. It’s not the highest quality steel but it’s certainly good enough for my purposes. Because it is always with me, I always try to use this knife first for any task. Mostly I open letters/packages, but it also can be used for staple removal, as a mini screwdriver, scribe or awl, for removing splinters, etc. I work in the operating room as a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) and even there, with all the precision instruments, I’ve used this knife to cut off loose dressings (after the blade has been steam sterilized, of course). Interesting side note: the Zippo Company actually survived the demise of smoking by diversifying with products like this.

— George Higgins

Zippo Money Clip Pocket Knife
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Manufactured by Zippo