Zout Laundry Stain Remover Spray


All-purpose stain zapper

I am epically inept with laundry: I can manage to separate the whites from the darks, but after that it’s a crapshoot. Spots and stains were the worst, especially food stains with oils: my clothes could survive rubbing Goop into the stain and then washing, but my wife’s professional wear could not. After online searches and expensive experiments I ended up using K2R Spot Remover. It worked, but with a horrible pre-wash reek, infinite aerosol cans, and what seemed like infinite expense – -and, as I found when someone cut themselves and used a towel to stop the bleeding — it was lousy on blood and other protein stains. I went back to online searching.

Enter Zout. Instead of the spray-on-and-brush-out-15-minutes-later then wash K2R dance (which takes FOREVER if you have multiple stained items and would leave me unhappily stoned on the fumes) you squirt it on the stain, work it into the material, then wash. That’s it. There are warnings on the bottle about heat possibly setting some protein stains, but as a bad laundry person I wash in cold water and tumble dry on the no-heat delicate setting and Zout has dealt with everything I’ve thrown at it. (If butter was involved, I occasionally have to run something through twice.) As far as the price goes, the squirt bottles are about half the price of a can of K2R in West Seattle and clean a whole lot more laundry before running out. I haven’t had to try anything else for four years, which makes laundry day a little more tolerable.

-- Bruce E. Durocher II 06/16/17