Zulu Watch Bands


Comfortable, durable nylon band for timepieces

I never take my watch off, and this watch band has held up through two years of hiking, yard work, showers, swimming, etc. The original british grey nylon has weathered a bit, but the stainless steel hardware still looks great, and there is no fraying or visible wear on the tough nylon strap. I have the two-buckle version, but there is a a four-buckle version for extra security. The long tail of the strap doubles back through the keepers and stays out of the way. I never liked the way rubber straps feel on my skin, but the nylon in this band has never irritated or chafed.

— Brad Reese

They take a licking and keep on ticking. Much more comfortable and uncluttered than traditional watchbands, especially for those that work on keyboards all day. Sun, snow, salt: they handle it all. And when they finally wear out, a new one costs $17.



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