img 11/18/17

Rust Buster

Superior loosener

img 11/7/17

Clear Urethane Glue

Works on almost any porous surface

img 10/28/17


Moldable plastic

img 10/16/17

Magic Melamine Sponges and Erasers

Multi-purpose scuff and stain removers

img 10/4/17

Swimming Pool Epoxy Putty

Repairs cracks in pools and other places

img 09/27/17

Plasti Dip

Easily applied plastic coating

img 05/24/16


Fizes leaky pipes, broken tools, broken frames, fishing poles, tent poles, etc.

img 06/25/15


Superior screen cleaner

img 03/19/15


Chemically bonds to PVC

img 02/6/14

Sashco Big Stretch Caulk

Great caulk for things that move

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