img 01/17/14

J-B Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Putty

Easy way to deal with wood rot

img 01/15/14

860 Piece Resistor Kit

Bulk electronic components

img 12/24/13

Heat Sealable Packcloth

No-sew heavy duty fabric

img 09/27/12

Strap supplier

img 05/28/12


Quickly fixes tears and holes

img 05/2/11


New materials sampler

img 09/24/10

Stainless Steel Locking Wire

Indispensable fastening wire

img 07/19/10

Novus Plastic Polish

Plastic polishing compound

img 01/21/10

Fire Mountain Gems

Beading, jewelrymaking resource

img 06/4/09


Vanishing goo

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