Q Bond QB2 Repair Kit


Simple gluing and filling to repair broken parts

One of the emblems fell off of my car and I wanted to reattach it. I talked to the owner at the car repair shop I frequent and he pointed me to a supply house to get the right adhesive. At first the supply place recommended some double stick foam. I would need to apply it to the emblem and then carefully cut around the emblem. Sounded like a lot of work so I asked if there were any other options.

They sold me a “Q-Bond” repair kit ($11). This stuff is amazing. It says it is cyanoacralate (same stuff as super glue) but it works so much better than any super glue I’ve ever tried. It stuck my emblem to the paint on my car in less than 15 seconds (the box says it is “rock hard in 10 seconds” and they aren’t kidding).

The kit comes with 2 bottles of the glue, and 2 bottles of filling or reinforcing powders. The black powder is for plastics and the grey powder is for metals. Yes, you read that right, metals! This stuff will fix a crack in your crankcase or repair a door handle, etc. It is heat resistant up to 180 C / 350 F.

Use the powder to reinforce an area that you are gluing if it will be under heavy load. You can even fill in part of an item that is missing, recreating the missing bits. Just create a “mold” of the missing bits using tape, aluminum foil, etc. to build a dam to hold the powder. Then fill the space with the appropriate powder. Once you apply the glue to the powder, the two react and form a solid part. Note that this is an exothermic reaction (it gets hot) so be ready for that. Once cured, you can grind, file, sand, and paint the hardened powder to match whatever you fixed. You don’t have to use the powder (they are intended to fill in voids or to reinforce a connection). You can just use the glue by itself. It works great. Much, much better than any of the super glue brands I’ve tried (and I’ve gone through a bunch of them).

Q-Bond is now my go-to solution for anything that even remotely looks like it will be a challenge to glue. I haven’t found anything yet that I couldn’t glue with Q-Bond.

-- James Brown 08/23/19