Cool Tools Untried look cool, but — buyer beware — may seem cooler than they actually are. Neither I nor ...

Cool Tools Untried look cool, but — buyer beware — may seem cooler than they actually are. Neither I nor any of our reviewers have actually used the items below, so we can’t endorse them or speak from experience. If you have used any of them and can report (positively or negatively) — or if you have a similar item you love — please let us know. Until then, here’s some intriguing stuff — Steven Leckart

Sports Climbers
Available from Sport Climbers
Rugged-looking ankle spikes for climbing trees.

(thanks Roger!)


Tree climbing spikes injure and damage the tree. They make the tree more susceptible to disease as well. Spikes are only used during a tree removal ( i.e. cutting the tree down piece by piece). Obviously these are intended for sportsmen, who usually have great respect for the animals they hunt and the habitat in which those animals live. I would hate for someone to think this is an acceptable practice of gaining entry into a living tree. For more information on non-invasive tree climbing techniques and equipment, visit Tree Climbers International and New Tribe. For context, I used to work as a forestry technician, and I continue to be a recreational tree climber with an interest in arborculture.

— Sam Johnson


Custom Dodge Sprinters
Available from Sportsmobile
Luxurious camper vans pimped out per your design.


(thanks Paul!)


Painter’s Pyramid
Available from K&M of Virginia


These little stabilizers supposedly allow you to paint top, sides, and edges in one round.


Optical Finger Mouse
Available from Logisys
A mouse that straps to your finger for cramped, less-than-flat mousing.



Garlic Press/Pitter
Available from eBay UK
Preps garlic and olives/cherries. I’ve seen a few on eBay and other online stores in the UK, but have yet to find one superior brand that’s widely available.


(thanks Aryeh!)


BackSaver Grip
Available from Lee Valley
A shovel/broom/rake handle intended to reduce back strain.



Available from Mobile-Shop
A portable cart-load of tools for on-the-go fixin’.


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