Rösle Garlic Press


World's best garlic press

Out of the dozen or more different garlic presses I’ve used, the Rösle is the absolute best ($39). The Germanic precision of manufacture is very high. It has a built-in mechanical lever that presses the garlic significantly harder than you press the handle. Hence, it takes less physical strength and strain, which is especially helpful when you’re pressing a lot of garlic. The press is also much easier to clean because the screen where the clove is pressed can be removed. No more digging down into the “pit” to scrape out the fiber remains with your finger or a separate cleaning bristle. When I mentioned “the world’s best garlic press” in the office, two folks immediately knew I was talking about the Rösle.

-- Kurt Bollacker 09/21/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2003 — editors)