100 Foot Wave/Build your own notebook/Hair detangling brush

Recomendo - issue #362

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Superb long form documentary

A good example of how technology and innovation can transform even something as elemental as surfing, check out this documentary series on HBO Max called 100 Foot Wave. It’s about the zigzagging insane quest to surf a 100-foot wave. Because there is no professional surfing without professional photography to record it, this 12-part series documenting all 30 years of the quest is incredibly complete and cinematic. Big wave surfers are unique human beings. — KK

Build your own notebook

My secret to journaling every day is using custom notebooks. I previously recommended Papier as a source for beautifully designed journals that you could customize with a title and name, but I’ve now moved on to for full customization. I uploaded a design I created using Midjourney and Canva and received my notebook within 10 days after ordering. Here’s what my diary looks like.— CD 

Hair detangling brush

My wife purchased this battery-powered hair detangling brush when our kids were young, and she, along with my daughters, continue to use it whenever their hair becomes knotted. Instead of traditional bristles, this brush features paddles that rotate back and forth, effortlessly gliding through knots and mats in the hair. It’s like magic! —MF

Free library card for teens

Many public libraries in the US are underfunded, or ban politically incorrect books. Teenagers anywhere can get access to the big city Brooklyn (NYC) Public Library which can lend you 300,000 ebook titles, and 200,000 audio books, including books banned elsewhere. To get a free library e-card, start with this page. — KK

Learn about optical illusions

I’m fascinated by optical illusions and how they challenge my perceptions. I’m currently working my way through this collection of 151 Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions with explanations on how they work. My mind always feels bendy and agile after just a few minutes spent on the website. — CD

What to do when police ask to search your car

If you’re pulled over by the police and they ask to search your car, remember these key words: “Officer, you do not have permission to search my car.” This is a crucial piece of advice offered by criminal defense lawyer Kirk Piccione. In his instructional video, he guides viewers through potential responses should the officer respond with, “OK, then we’ll have to wait for a drug dog to sniff the outside of your car.” Once more, your best response is, “Officer, you do not have permission to search my car.” Beyond this, Piccione advises calmly and periodically asking if you’re free to go. This underscores that you’re not voluntarily remaining on the scene and that you’re being unreasonably detained by the officer, which can help you in court. — MF

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