12 Quart Dishpan Basin


Saves dishwater for outdoor plant watering

I have used a dishpan in my sink to conserve water here in southern California for about 6 months. I have graywater hookup from my shower and I have a laundry-to-landscape graywater setup for my washing machine. But I don’t have any automated way to save kitchen sink water. I also don’t have a dishwasher and I wash fruits, vegetables, and my hands often. My partner and I were feeling guilty about watching all that useful water go down the drain. So we got a dish pan and it works great.

When it gets about 3/4 full we take it out of the sink and water the fruit trees. I don’t use the dish water on my raised-bed garden in case there are any bacteria growing in the water.

Make sure you get a size that will fit nicely in your sink with at least two inches to spare so you can easily pull it out. It gets quite heavy when full of water so the good rigid handles are also a plus.

Some people might not like having to walk from the sink to the outside a few times a day but I like that forces me to get out and look at my plants every day. And it is very rewarding knowing you are re-using water.

-- Rob Ray 03/15/16

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