Electric Tiller/Cultivator


Quickly and easily loosen dirt for effective planting

After tilling some dead sod to lay down new, I remarked to my wife that this was the best $110 I think I ever spent for a tool.

I started out with a shovel and a Florida St. Augustine lawn in need of spot sod replacement and quickly learned that even dead St. Augustine grass has fibrous roots and even the weeds are tough. Even with a saw tooth shovel, clearing the dead grass is back breaking and time consuming.

After discovering this tiller about a year ago, I’ve used it on every project since, always with great results. It makes quick work of turning over grass and soil. There seem to be many tillers on the market, but for me this hit the sweet spot of good performance at a reasonable price.

My one caution is that my only experience with it is in Florida – no rocks, no heavy clay soil. I don’t know how it would perform in other locations, but I can’t imagine it isn’t superior to a manual cultivator just about anywhere.

-- Chris Hartmann 03/16/16

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