$1500 Sandwich/Futurism/Webkay


Recomendo: issue no. 69

$1500 Sandwich
A reminder of the progress we all enjoy. A curious fellow decides to spend six months growing his own wheat and vegetables, making his own cheese and meat, evaporating his own salt in order to make his own sandwich from scratch. He spent $1500 on this lunch, and in this short How to make a $1500 sandwich he gives the particulars of what is really involved in our everyday consumption. Like the Toaster Project, which was an earlier attempt by an artist who spent a year to make a $30 electric toaster from scratch (iron ore, petroleum plastic), it conveys in concrete terms the huge subsidy we get from modern civilization. I repeatedly return to these brilliant examples. — KK

I follow a lot of blogs on Feedly, the RSS reader. A favorite blog that reads well in RSS is Futurism — it’s a steady stream of new ideas, inventions, and experiments from a wide range of sciences and technology. Their headlines are long and descriptive (often sufficient) rather than click-baity.— KK

See what other websites know about you
Visit Webkay to see what any website you visit knows about you, including your location, the device you are using, your IP address, social media accounts you are logged in to, and more. It also tells you how to plug these information leaks by using various services. — MF

Pocketable watercolor kit
This small, watercolor kit by Sakura is perfect for the occasional wannabe artist like me. It comes with a brush that stores water, so you can always be ready to paint. It was so easy to incorporate this into my journaling/sketching routine. — CD

Control your iPhone cursor
My recent discovery is that I can use my iPhone keyboard as a mouse to scroll through text and place my cursor exactly where I want it. All you have to do is hard press the keyboard. This makes editing text on iPhone a million times less frustrating. Here’s how.  — CD

New favorite pen
I met one of my favorite cartoonists this week, Tom Gauld (his new book: Baking With Kafka ). He draws all of his cartoons with a Pilot Precise V5 Roller Ball Stick Pen. He gave me one of his and I love it. They are $13 for a pack of 12. Tom said the ink does not fade, even after many years. — MF

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-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder and Claudia Dawson 11/19/17