General Purpose Tools

AA to D Battery Converter


Converts 3 AA battery to a D battery

This is an inexpensive D-sized battery cassette that holds THREE AA sized batteries. Why not just use D-sized batteries you ask? Fine, tell me where I can find lithium D-sized batteries. Most of the D-sized adapters I’ve seen are simple sabots that hold only one battery. This adapter holds three cells in parallel. I use it for adapting Eveready lithium AAs to D-cell appliances. I use lithium AAs for cold weather use and for emergency applications where the appliance is not used very often, but I want the idle batteries to last, and not leak. I’ve never had a lithium AA leak, but even if it did this adapter protects the appliance from leakage. I’ve had D-cell Maglites destroyed by leaking batteries as it is virtually impossible to get corroded batteries out of the tube.

-- Bruce Bowen 11/21/17