180s Exolite Adjustable Ear Warmer


Comfortable ear warmers

I’m a guy with short hair and my ears are the first thing that gets cold when it it gets chilly and breezy, which happens often in the evenings where I live in Northern California (especially in San Francisco). I always hated the look and fit of traditional ear warmers, and beanies can be too warm and bulky (and they also mess up my hair). I previously used ear bands. But after I found 180s, I definitely prefer them. I particularly like their Exolite model; it is super thin and lightweight. I always keep one in the inside breast pocket of my jacket and don’t even noticing it’s there. When I need it, I just unfold it and pop it over my ears. They are comfortable over earbuds, and I can still hear conversations clearly with them on.

-- Dave Cortright 06/11/18