General Purpose Tools

Gorilla Tape


Extra sticky duct tape

Gorilla Tape is duct tape raised to a higher power. It is both stronger and stickier; you can use it on rough surfaces where duct tape won’t stick. I have used a variety of similar tapes, from the Army’s green 200 mph tape to the fabled Electric Boat tape that Submariners are familiar with. Gorilla Tape sticks better and holds longer than the best quality duct tape in everything I have used it for. It is also waterproof (once applied) and because of the thicker adhesive, less prone to peeling.

[I’ve been using this tape for years. It’s far superior to duct tape. It sticks to almost anything and doesn’t come off. — MF]

-- Stephen Young 06/11/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2006 — editors)