Month: October 2020

img 10/30/20

Personal Locator Beacon

Alerts search and rescue services to quickly locate you

img 10/29/20

Twin Draft Stopper

Simple removable draft barrier

Thumbnail Template 10/28/20

Tool Vac Auto Switch

eToolCity Automatic Vacuum Switch

img 10/27/20

Tilley Winter Hats

Enduring head warmers

img 10/26/20

Gonzo Gizmos

Low-rent science hacks

img 10/23/20

Ramona Pringle, Creator and Journalist

Cool Tools Show 249: Ramona Pringle

img 10/23/20

Silicone Baking Mat

Reusable non-grease baking sheet

1/8" slotted and PH1. 10/22/20

Marking Your Drivers

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #66

img 10/22/20

Bodum Shin Cha Tea Press

34-ounce glass tea press for loose teas and tea bags