Month: May 2021

img 05/31/21

Stain Devils

Effective stain removal

img 05/28/21

Book Freak #52: Finding Meaning in Life

Short pieces of advice from books

img 05/28/21

Rusty Blazenhoff, Social artist

Cool Tools Show 280: Rusty Blazenhoff

img 05/28/21

Water bottle sling

Hands-free water bottle tote


Skill Set: Working with a Block Mold

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #89

img 05/27/21

Vornado Fan with Variable Speed Control

True variable speed settings allow for precise airflow control

img 05/26/21

What’s in my desk? — Adam Cassidy

What’s in my desk? issue #103

img 05/26/21

8 oz. Stubby Claw Hammer

Compact hammer for smaller woodworking projects

img 05/25/21

3-Outlet AC Adapter

Triple your hotel power outlet

img 05/24/21

Bic 4-Color Ball Pen

Four colors in one pen

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