Orbit Lawn Watering Soaker Irrigator


Water plants and lawn without washing away soil

What an amazing time saver for watering any plant or tree. What it does is allow the hose on full open to dump its full stream gently. In the past, I’ve tried everything from cheap sprinklers with large round holes to watering wands, but in the end, no matter what I set it on, the choices were either cover a huge area with a sprinkler on full, wash away soil with just the hose, or water for a long time at less than full power. This is a problem in my water-restricted Florida location. I use this both unattended (3-10 minute tree watering) or handheld (raised bed and straw bale plants). No water sprayed outside the area you want it to go, full flow from the hose and no damage to soil or roots. It’s simply amazing. I ordered 2 more so I can simultaneously water on both sides of the house.

-- Chris Hartmann 01/9/17

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