3M Ergonomic Mouse


Comfortable cursor control

I have used most every kind of mouse over the past thirty years. My needs are pretty simple really; nothing too specialized or out of the ordinary. But like many of you, I use a mouse for hours at a time. Whether it was a standard mouse, one with a scroll wheel or any variety of trackball I always got a sore arm or shoulder after awhile. Over time the problem became acute. Until I got a 3M Ergonomic Mouse. It’s been more than ten years now and no matter how many hours I use it, I never experience any fatigue or discomfort at all.

It looks like a joystick and that is why it takes care of the problem: your hand stays in “handshake” position instead of laying flat. Your thumb works the rocker button on top of the stick. It rocks left and right like a regular mouse. There is also a side button that scrolls with Windows computers but doesn’t seem to work on Macs. You can move it around a mouse pad with ease. They are quite durable. I’m still using the one I bought in 2007. Once about five years ago I knocked it on the floor and the top stick part separated from the base. I glued it back together with Duco cement and that was that. They come in large and small. I use the large. Now they make wireless models. I’d get one of those but the one I have would have to break first and I doubt it ever will.

-- John Coate 05/29/17