Canning Funnel for Regular and Wide Mouth Jars


Double walled canning funnel fits wide and regular mouth canning jars

This high-quality funnel has a really wide mouth, allowing one to ladle or pour in food without spillage, even from a large pot (like my “Instant Pot”). It has an “outer wall” that surrounds the inner spout, projects below it, and fits around the top of the Mason jar. The result is that the funnel is stable on the jar and can sit on its clean outer wall on a countertop or shelf. It has inch and metric markings alongside a gap in the outer wall to let one measure the headspace above the jar’s contents. A loop handle at the upper rim is convenient for handling (and doesn’t transmit heat). It will also fit the Sistema microwaveable soup mug (and probably other mugs). It won’t stain or warp and is dishwasher safe. It has received 4.7 Amazon stars on 330 reviews.

-- Roger Knights 05/30/17

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