Aerobie Skylighter and Pro


Discing in the dark

Frisbees are great to start a game almost anywhere outside with a minimum of setup effort or equipment. Aerobie makes a collection of products that perform incredibly well for longevity, durability, ease of use… and, simply, fun. The Pro Flying Ring ($18) is the Guinness Record holder (1,333 feet) and you’ll understand why when you use it. Practice with short throws and make sure you have plenty of space to run (and keep running) when you air it out over long distances. This one generates plenty of laughs and exercise.

The Skylighter ($15) might be the most fun of all, for the simple reason that it takes an already excellent disc (their traditional frisbee alternative, the Superdisc Ultra) and adds nighttime playability. The LED is bright enough to be useful to track easily in dark conditions. Be sure to check the area you’re running for any hazards before you start chasing this thing down. There is a smaller Superdisc (10″ vs. the Ultra 12″), and smaller Flying Ring Spring 10″ vs. the Pro 13″, but we recommend the larger sizes for flight stability and surface area for catching. They make a few additional shapes and sizes, and products for other uses (Dogobie for pets)… but those are our favorites. Enjoy at the beach, the park, or anywhere you have space to move.

-- Marshall Votta 09/4/19