Always Infinity Maxi-Pads

A better pad

Did somebody finally get around to asking real women what was wrong with maxi-pads? This new design has done for maxi-pads what the Mach-3 did for razors blades. It is a complete re-design, and the result is a pad that is extremely thin, non-irritating, stays dry, doesn’t leak, is shaped to fit comfortably, and sticks only where it should.

The Infinity pads look very different from other pads. They are tapered to the front and wider at the back with a clearly marked “Pad Front” on the wrapper. They have holes and channels in them that have been engineered to maximize their absorption and prevent leaks. They are only about 3mm thick.

I have had about six months experience with these pads, and I am still surprised by their effectiveness every month. They are a little pricier than the Kotex pads that I was previously using, but they are so comfortable and work so effectively that they have been well worth the price. I recommended them to a friend who was experiencing uncomfortably long and heavy periods and she is now telling all of her women friends that these pads have changed her life.

While this isn’t as environmentally friendly as the previously reviewed Diva Cup, if you’re looking for comfort and convenience, these maxi-pads are revolutionary.

-- Maiz Connolly 10/4/11

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