Art Comber


Folding portable rolling artist chair

Efficient equipment, tool or “stuff” management is always an issue with creativity. With the Art Comber ($70), I always have a portable art studio at my beck. I draw everyday, but attend paint-ins/outs a minimum of least once a month. It is one thing to simply draw with a pad and pencil; it is another to be able to get out of my vehicle or attend a workshop with a self-contained studio intact and, almost instantly, sit down and let colors fly and create. The seat is quite comfy, much more than a campstool. The average indoor dining chair seat measures 17″; the Comber measures 14 1/2″ and the height is quite close to a regular chair, too. I’ve taken the Comber through a variety of terrain — roadside, parks, reserves, beach, arboretum, poolside, barns, and other artists’ homes. The relatively light weight is important since you are pulling and lugging around a lot of stuff.

My cart (approx. 21″ x 8.5″) holds: 1 digital camera (strapped on), 1 14″x18″ cushioned lap desk w/metal clip-fastener, 1 sketch pad/book, 1 14″x20″ watercolor-paper block pad, 1 ceramic/metal mixing pan (15 1/2″x 11 1/4″), plastic or paper trash bags, 1 12.5″ x 9″ clipboard, 2 collapsible canvass paint tube caddies, 2 brush caddies, 1 portable easel (use depends on style of painting), 1 tri-leg 23″ x 3″ camp stool (for an extra flat surfaced mini-table, if necessary), scissors, tape, water spray bottles, 4-6 stackable water containers w/closeable lids, Kleenex, jar or plastic bottle, bottle of water, sandwich, bug spray. I use portable caddies and Ziplocs to handle much of the stuff (erasers, glue tubes, sponges, frisket, rulers, water bottles, etc.). One improvement would be to add side pockets and a few compartments, so unpacking for the colorful spontaneous event would be even simpler. Until then, I am very pleased with the Art Comber and the caddy also serves as tidy storage when I am not painting.

-- Carol Watson 09/5/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2008 — editors)

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