Schlage Keypad Deadbolt


Keyless doorlock

The Schlage Keypad Deadbolt ($75) was reviewed by another reader in 2014. I got the lock around five years ago (prior to the review) and I wanted to let you know it’s still going strong! The previous reviewer got the Camelot style; I got the Plymouth style (same functionality). The lock allows you keyless entry into your own house, though you can still use a key. You can also set one-time or indefinite-use codes to let other people into your house. It is perfect for houseguests or housekeepers, or for yourself when you don’t want to carry a key, which is my primary use.

It doesn’t have WiFi or Bluetooth, greatly reducing the concerns of either hacking or the battery going dead. It is a deadbolt, so more secure than other latch options. It is very easy to use and to explain to someone else how to use. I initially researched non-electronic combination locks, but I decided one 9V battery that lasts years was worth the convenience of being able to have more than one combination and change them easily. I got this lock after an unfortunate incident involving being 3000 miles from my house and critically in need of something inside it, with no easy way for someone to get it for me.

The original 9V battery has lasted five years with no sign of stopping, though we did just change it for peace of mind.

-- Maria B 09/4/18