Avery White Full-Sheet Labels


Opaque labels hide old label underneath

I’ve used these for a few years and find them very handy. I send and receive a fair number of small-to-medium packages. I’ve always got a stock of used shipping boxes on hand, which I re-use whenever possible. These labels make that much easier.

Most shipping outfits (UPS, USPS, FedEx) allow you to purchase shipping online, and provide a PDF of your paid shipping label. You put the Avery label in your laser printer, print the label on it, peel off the backing and stick it on the package.

The labels have a “TrueBlock” coating on the back side to ensure the old label doesn’t show through. It works well. These save time and the frustration of peeling off old labels and hand-writing new ones. And you can use them to hand-write labels if needed; I save unused portions for that purpose. Avery has them in many sizes, but I find the full letter size is versatile so that’s what I use.

-- Dean Wight 02/18/16