Riker Specimen Mount


Best way to display your tiny treasures

Any long-time collector of small things, coins or fossils or pottery shards or medals, likely already knows about Riker Mounts, the ideal way to display a collection like theirs. Named for plant pathologist Albert Joyce Riker, they combine a chipboard base, some fiberfill, and a lid that’s mostly tempered glass. originally designed in 1919 for museum displays. Once items are displayed on the batting, the cover is affixed with removable bankers pins, or separately-available clips. I’ve been collecting and selling Disney pins for more than twenty years, and appreciate the ease of reorganizing items, the durability of the boxes, and their stackability for transportation. I use R-6 mounts, which are 12 by 8 inches, and just under an inch thick, which fit in a banker’s box.

-- Edd Vick 02/17/16